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Bank of China Ltd and China Daily on Wednesday signed a strategic coopera

tion agreement that will see the pair promote China’s opening-up and the Chinese soft power.上海龙凤1314

Liu Liange, chairman of Bank of China, the country’s fourth-largest commercial lender by ass

上海龙凤1314品茶微信ets, said the bank will work more closely with China Daily, a national English-language newspaper based in Be

ijing, in a number of areas including brand marketing and international exchange.

He said the partnership will help both the bank and China Daily上海龙凤1314

make greater contributions to China while the country is further opening up.

Zhou Shuchun, China Daily publisher and editor-in-chief, said the two p上海龙凤1314

arties have worked together in banking, news coverage and brand building, and have m

ade significant contributions to the increasing impact of Chinese culture worldwide.上海龙凤1314品茶微信

He said he hopes that the paper and Bank of China will deepen their work together to help advance the development of the country.

According to the agreement, both parties will use their respective advantages to estab上海龙凤1314

lish multi-layer cooperation in multiple fields and realize joint development.

According to a report by the US-based World Justice Project, Hong Kong ranks 16th in the world in rule of law, and fou

rth worldwide in order and security, with a crime rate that is also one of the lowest in the world.上海龙凤1314品茶微信

Behind these results are the relentless efforts of the Hong Kong police force. But lately, th

ey have been treated with various forms of disrespect by the so-called “peaceful protesters” in Hong Kong.

Still, they have stood their ground in the face of escalating violence. But they are not alone. To上海龙凤1314

ns of people, from Hong Kong and other regions of China have also been showing their support.

上海龙凤1314品茶微信Check out the video. You are invited to show your support to HK police.

Masked protesters used a large self-made sling to hurl bricks at Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station on Aug 3, Saturday.