After slaughtering th上海会所ds in the Opium Wars

, Britain flooded the country with the drug, killing countless more. The

heinous trade generated a feeding frenzy as multiple countries sapped China of its r上海会所

esources and left huge swathes of its population docile and dependent on an opiate fix. Unequal treaties, signed in

上海会所quick succession by scheming imperialists, stole chunks of Chinese territory for foreign use.

It wasn’t until the Communist Party of China took power in 1949 that

the country began to recover from this national trauma; rehabilitation programs a

nd an intense anti-opium campaign wiped away the last vestiges of Western narco-imperialism.上海会所

Everywhere except Hong Kong, at least. For much of its time as a British holding, Chin

上海会所品茶微信ese were treated as second-class citizens, at best. An elite class of colonial administrators lorded their privilege and we

alth over their subjects, and many Chinese were refused positions in any but the most menial jobs. English was the o

nly official language through 1974, and flogging remained a criminal penalty through 1989. Legal language against ra上海会所

cial discrimination wasn’t adopted until 1991 — and wasn’t fleshed out until the colonial period was over. The British op

erated what can only be described as an apartheid state up to the last possible moment.上海会所品茶微信

Though it’s been over two decades since Hong Kong’s return to China, the scars of this period

remain, as do those across South America, Africa and other parts of Asia — permanent reminders of the wa上海会所品茶微信

ges of colonialism. Deep wounds don’t just disappear, and there’s a reason those who wave it off and say it should be fo

rgotten are largely the beneficiaries of this legacy — or, oddly enough, their descendants.

上海会所The exploitation of the early period fueled industrialization and allowed the West to develop and grow to a point wh

ere even in a “post-colonial” era they remain the most advanced economies known to man. As their concentration of we

alth and power persists, so do the structures they built in their image — even after renunciation of direct control. Wit上海会所品茶微信

hout a complete, systemic change, those unequal relations continue on their merry way.

All this is context for the present situation. For the latter period of its colonial occupatio